About the Artist


I am retired Family Counselor, play therapist and expressive art therapist. Now, as a professional artist and creativity facilitator, my mission is to help people understand that art is about the process of self-expression and having fun, not the production of a “masterpiece”. It is about releasing the passion of the soul and allowing it to resonate with the souls of others. 

Art has taken me along several paths.

It all began with mandala drawings. Making a mandala is an unconscious, beautiful, even mystical process. The result is filled with both personal and universal symbolic meaning–like it or not, a window into my soul. I love sticks, driftwood, seed pods, fibers, yarn, rocks, clay, all of which connect me with my roots—farmers, woodworkers, rock hounds, quilters, crafters, creative homemakers. My ancestors loved the land and lived their lives with a respect for and in communion with nature. I grew up around family farms in Northern Oklahoma, and still feel a deep spiritual connection there, and an aching loss as members of the family died and the farms were sold. The Earth as mother, provider, sustainer, are the traditions of my youth that manifest as the goddesses, stick figures and weaving of my fiber art.   

Recently, I have added yet another dimension to my adventures with weaving. Loom beading, which I incorporate into organic creations as well as making bracelets and necklaces.     

My Commitment to Patrons

Each creation is original and one of a kind.

Jewelry is made with quality materials: Japanese glass beads, silk and cotton fibers, silver findings. 

All Bracelets can be customized to fit.

Satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with a creation, you will receive a full refund upon the receipt of the returned item. Customers are responsible for return postage.